The 8 Simple Steps or we say tricks to Handle Any Parenting Situation anywhere!


We parents deal every situation & go through every drastic situation. Parenting is an art in itself. I’m not sure everyone is quite veteran precisely.

Due to the several reasons like we all are often indulging in chores rather than our homing i.e, Office workloads like most of parents gives their several time to accomplish their pending assignments, emails & client deals and so on.

Ironically, Couldn’t fetch a bit of time for our family, for parenting as well.

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1) Listen. Pause and listen to…

We cannot reckon a particular empty building in the category of schools as well. We must be required several arrangements to do for the purpose to open a school.

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“School is a premise where students go to get their education”
On the other hand we can say that,

“ School is a temple of education, where students attain true wisdom of knowledge”

Procedure to open a school:

School is a complete body or a team of people. …

There are lots of mythical mindsets, What are they?

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Do you ever think? We people are good at excuses. Whenever we deal with failure or downfall, then we always prepare ourselves to give a better excuse to us or others in advance.

I’m not saying that defending yourself is not good, it’s perfect, but we must somehow prepare ourselves to deal with every toughest challenge or threat in our life.

So let’s discuss some common excuses that we use to adapt in our daily life.

  1. I’m not born for that: Eventually when we get too frustrated in our life then we start dealing with innumerable negative thoughts. Then, consequently…

“Silence….is a mystery in itself”

It seems to look quite awkward, but that’s true my friends because we explore ourselves more specifically when we find ourselves in extreme solitude & loneliness. Literally say folks, I don’t blame or claim for a particular one, but it’s my own experience parameter…rather substantially I do believe in it. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened the same with everyone…however, by the way I’m expressing mine.

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Acknowledge it or not?

It’s a legendarium epitome as because how the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) isolated himself at the Jabal-e-noor (Mountain of light) in ‘Cave or Grotto…

"Love never goes on vacations but it just we become busy in other businesses"


A Discussion…

I know such topics are highly debated & discussed by several psychologists & experts. Nevertheless, however, I’m here to pin up my prerogative, as I say, It’s not mandatory that our beloved ought to be a so-called mysterious woman or a girl. Belovedness is extremely far beyond the reach of genderism as well. I know folks, it looks strange to you… due to my boldish tone of interpretation. Acknowledge it or not? But that’s true, we people always show strange characteristics all the time. Likewise, we explore ourselves more precisely, especially when we’re all alone. …

INTRODUCTION to PROGRESSION training techniques

Yeah! Thats true perhaps the most common type of exercise is aerobic exercise, also called cardiovascular exercise, which utilizes oxygen and helps burns fat. This type of exercise has consistently shown in numerous studies to improve cardiovascular and respiratory health. This means that as a result, this type of exercise conditions the lungs to be able to use more oxygen while increasing your heart’s efficiency by decreasing heart rate.

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What does this means to you?

By conditioning your body through aerobic exercise, it allows you to remain at rest with less effort. Yes it’s true folks, some people work hard just…

“When you feel like breaking down or crashing in,

Who do you turn to, to forgive your sin?

When you cried your lonely tears,

Who will be there to fight your fears?

And when it feels like no one would understand,

Who was there to hold your hand?”

— Ann T. Tram

No doubt! parents are the actual shed of the tree of pure affection. Amongst were all around dazzling heat of selfishness being spread in every genre of environment.

Everyone left your hand in the crowd of this selfish world. There is only hope for our loving parents. They…

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Prologue of the story: In this era of advanced technology internet becomes the most prominent fragment of our life.

It has proved to be a sort of revolution into every sector i.e, Education, Business, Sports, Administration, Security & armed forces of the world in every country and all that.

Whatsoever we do, wherever we go, with whom we mate & even whatever we learn. Internet behind our every move or the task as well.

Although it’s a very incredible tool to access the internet for mature minds as well as children and all that.
For example: Surfing about projects, research…

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