Why Children must be given limited access to the internet?

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Prologue of the story: In this era of advanced technology internet becomes the most prominent fragment of our life.

It has proved to be a sort of revolution into every sector i.e, Education, Business, Sports, Administration, Security & armed forces of the world in every country and all that.

Whatsoever we do, wherever we go, with whom we mate & even whatever we learn. Internet behind our every move or the task as well.

Although it’s a very incredible tool to access the internet for mature minds as well as children and all that.
For example: Surfing about projects, research college assignments, connecting with people (even those who resided in other countries), chatting & gaming with friends and so on.

Reason behind: Why children must be given limited access to the internet?

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Along with the above instance, ethical uses of the internet, the Internet also having some negative uses too. Which couldn’t be ignored anyhow as well.

The accumulation of such negative consumption being inclining day by day.

Yeah! I’m talking about trolling or surfing the adult content on the internet also indulge day & night on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & Tinder and so on.
That has been just a epic of outdated now, the new tend arrived in custom these days i.e, Watching Adult movies or pictures, Pornography etc.

Eventually, it’s a kind of addiction that has been the top priority of today’s youth.
The adult content not only disturbs the children’s mind but also transforming their attitude towards society like:

Abusive- Use to bully others kept no respect for anyone either it would be a elder or the younger one. More specifically they objectify women. That sort of internet consumption trigger their devilish mindset towards feminism. i.e, start possessing a intimate as well as sexual fantasy regarding women & girls as well.

Characterless-Marginalised everyone crossing limits of modesty or showing charlatan attributed behaviour towards society.

Addictive-Always brain portrayed the obscene ideas, all the time lost into the memories of intimating desires as well as dreaming of unreplenishing sexual fantasies and all that.
Therefore when child reached in his or her age of adolescence then it also fallen into other bad habits or addictions like i.e, masterbation or physically indulge with someone. No humanity or life gonna remain in the extent of individual’s personality.

Mannerless-Always looked upon unclassified appearance before among the society. Nevertheless they don't care what's going on surrounds them. They show a sort of vulnerable characteristic before the people of society.

Negative behaviour- Showing bad behaviour which do hurt others like use intimate words & take possession of sexual ideas towards women. It also trigger to lead a normal child into the gutter of Crime.

Violent-Show violent attitude & argue with everyone even on minor things. Perhaps it also may have the chances of any dire crime like rape, murder etc.

Bad attitude towards women-As per all discussions they lost respect regarding humanity especially women or overall female lobby else on.

Lazy-They become lazy & too much involved with cyber corrupt activities, also killing precious moments all the time.
There is any value of something in their perspective nothing but consuming too much internet for indulging in meaningless businesses.

“Everything must be compatible & available according to its age & time.
Otherwise, it would generate immense chaos as well.”

In contrast, we could that if we’d given access internet to any our underage child. Then that is not good for his sake. As we know it’s an age of advanced mind generation.

If we provide resources to our children like the Internet.

Therefore one day he or she must go through that adult stuff. Which gonna malign its characters precisely.
Also spending hours on the internet on our useless chores like chatting & gaming randomly.

Then it’s very hard to get him or her back at the verge of normalcy as it’s a sort of prolonged addiction.
It has the efficiency to transform a child’s mindset into an evil one.

Research evidence & Counterclaim

According to the data analysis research of Huffington post, 2013. The 30% consumption of the internet only looking for adult content which is available 24/7 for them due to smartphones.

Also according to the other research from NSPCC study: The National Society for the prevention of cruelty to children.

Its online video consumption study data has predicts that.
22% are above the age of 10 years, 36% above of 10–14 years & 44% 15–18 years and all that.
Where the huge percentage of boys has been found like around 54% & rest of girls.

So, here we go the discussed data not good for the young growing mind.
Where the internet is a blessing for mankind there is also proved cursed for the young minds too.

The access to the internet in that way imprint strange psychology on children’s mind.
For example, They became aggressive & objectify women, Lost respects towards women (as it always motifs in the adults content on the Internet) & lost value of time etc.

Solutions or Counterclaim:
As we’ve discussed as well as discovered various ways why we must give limited access of internet to our children?

Now here we gonna discussed solutions to waive off that critical phenomenon by following like:

1) Firstly we always give time to our children.

2) Always look after its school report.

3) Do little spy research about his or her daily chores.

4) Don’t let them addictive of the Internet consumption.

5) Always make access internet under your supervision.

6) Do regular counselling of them about moral values ethically like obey elders, respect women & honest to parents etc.

Conclusive speech & Rebuttal:

At last, concluded that Why we must be given a limited access of internet to our children?”

Now consequently, we arrived at that verge of conclusion we should look after our children. Especially when they are accessing the internet.

It’s not all about snatching their freedom but for care to fall in the ditch of bad company.

Because introductions about everything are many kinds. And could learn various sources one we learn ethically through viable sources like my studies, through our parents, another one is from prohibited ways like through people of bad company as well.

Therefore that is the sole reason we must give limited access to the internet. We must grab the prime root before it triggers to produce vulnerable consequences for our child for every aspect.

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