Why do we people miss our beloveds when they go far from us?

"Love never goes on vacations but it just we become busy in other businesses"

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A Discussion…

I know such topics are highly debated & discussed by several psychologists & experts. Nevertheless, however, I’m here to pin up my prerogative, as I say, It’s not mandatory that our beloved ought to be a so-called mysterious woman or a girl. Belovedness is extremely far beyond the reach of genderism as well. I know folks, it looks strange to you… due to my boldish tone of interpretation. Acknowledge it or not? But that’s true, we people always show strange characteristics all the time. Likewise, we explore ourselves more precisely, especially when we’re all alone. Intriguingly we went through several unnoticed values like characteristics, attachments & emotions and all that.

Past life…

Eventually, we people always kept us busy with a myriad of chores, office work, family well-being & social connectivity etc. Among these, we almost forgot ourselves, i.e; exploring ourselves and all.

For instance: I was attached with a girl that much with whom I decided to marry but she rejected me or somehow denied my proposal due to our caste differences, or I don’t know why. Maybe she had her own reasons which she was hiding from me.

We can’t forget our first love till our last breath. Basically, after that, I got some other girl who arrived in my life. She loved me a lot, even we were attached so much we became far beyond friends. She admits me as her soulmate, but ironically after some time I got married, i’m not saying we aren’t besties now anymore. But priorities & concerns are expanded.

Likewise The relationship of friendship is immortal ever and after.

But it is just a timeframe of fortune. These people still exist in this world. I can meet them whenever I want.

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The real irony is….R.I.P

Far beyond all this, I lost my most beloved & loveliest personality with whom I couldn’t even find in my life now any longer. “My sweet Mumma” she died a few years earlier, due to her kidney failure. She regularly went for dialysis to filter urea from her blood as she couldn’t urinate. Doctors recommend that not giving her a lot of water to drink otherwise, the chances of dialysis sessions would be increased.

“You know in a weak financial situation we people need to consider everything.

That is why mother got able a little amount of water even though she got extreme desire for thirst.”

Yeah, that’s an irony once we people could live on a short supply of food but a shortage of water is substantially considerable & out of imagination. Certainly no one gives you true love & care other than your own parents. Her condition was deteriorating day by day.

Remorsefully, one day at noon, in the holy month of Ramadan, I lost my mother after being dealt with extreme pain along with a huge shortage of water & oxygen. She died but I’ve never stopped missing her. She went infinitely far from me where I’ve to give my own life to go into her universe as well.

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Anyways now currently…

After some years later, I got married with a simple, typical girl. I know no one can accomplish a mother’s loss. But now my wife stands with me to resolve every problem. She never make me felt my mother’s loss. It’s a great thing we both share our problems between ourselves without bothering each other. Folks do you know? we’ve our life-like we both fighting like friends & love like lovers, cuddling with one another..we adjusted the ups & downs confidently.

As per my theme “Why do people miss their beloved when they go far?”

For example, for few days she went home to meet her parents. It’s me here missing her a lot despite the presence of my siblings & my father as well.

It doesn’t mean i’ve stop missing those who loved me but its all according to the situation & scenario intact.

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I would opted to say feelings & emotions like love & affection always resided somewhere at the bottom of our heart (mind). Due to the huge distribution of our consideration as well as concentrations. Our feeble mind couldn’t focus on the lovers & beloveds. It doesn't mean they erased from our memories; rather they play a role in a pattern of life then our brain becomes familiar with it. Our mind always kept us busy with other chores but it always arouse abruptly when it felt that something went wrong into the pattern and it gonna make us disturbing as well as restless temporarily.

Therefore, it triggers the part of considerable memories. That is the reason we miss someone who goes far from us permanently or temporarily.

“I love my Mumma”

Thank you




I use to write different scenarios of life i'm passionate to capture every moment of my life. The most fascinating thing is how people interact with each other.

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Mr Sumair

Mr Sumair

I use to write different scenarios of life i'm passionate to capture every moment of my life. The most fascinating thing is how people interact with each other.

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